About Us

Welcome to Residence Rentals, a platform built to help medical health professionals and first responders find clean, affordable, fully furnished living spaces. We ourselves are part of this group and developed this idea to give back to our community.

Long hours of travel and working away from our loved ones is something we have all unfortunately had to endure. This is often part of the job description and finding housing near hospitals and clinics can sometimes be difficult. Residence Rentals allows you to find short-term rental properties easily and efficiently. This site is also intended to help patients who are looking for places to stay near medical facilities for various reasons such as child birth, treatment or surgeries. 

The Difference We Make

Unlike other rental sites, by booking with us you will be helping to fund grants and donations to healthcare workers, first responders as well as students. Using our platform you will be supporting our mission and help fund a cause that will transform the lives of people who put their lives on the line to make the world a better, safer place.

Discussion Forums & Podcasts

Residence Rentals has also launched forums for medical minds to meet and take part in discussions and grow ideas. We know sometimes our shifts can be long and sometimes even difficult. Our hope is that individuals will use this as a way to find support and connect with users in similar fields. We want this to be a safe and positive environment cultivating medical minds and provoke stimulating conversations.

Our podcast page is a way to discover influencers in our community that want to spread knowledge, encourage discussion and bring awareness to their cause. This is a great way to support one another as well as listen health care providers and first responders from around the world. Maybe even encourage you to put yourself out there and start a podcast of your own!

Our Goal & Purpose

Our overall mission for Residence Rentals is to provide the healthcare industry with flexible housing options, along with cultivating an environment to join as a resourceful community. This is our way of giving back to a group that has sacrificed so much, to ensure the wellbeing and safety of both us as well as our loved ones.